New Members

Welcome to Brandon Regional Search and Rescue Association! As a team-oriented group we encourage participation in various group events. Training and skills building events help us keep our training up-to-date so that we are ready for any situation that we may be called to serve in. Fundraising events give us the opportunity to practice our first aid skills, provide exposure and visibility to the communities we serve, and give our team members a chance to learn how well we work together! Thank you for your interest in being part of an experienced volunteer team, members sharing an interest and capacity for ground search and rescue, to ‘serve, so others may live.’


In order to actively participate in a Ground Search and Rescue call-out, you will be required to complete mandatory courses with the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC).


One of the first items that you will need, in order to prepare for search and rescue (SAR) is a GSAR Redi-Pack. Often, we review our packs at training events, but you need to be prepared and have a pack ready-to-go on a moment’s notice.

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