Over the past week, BRSAR have been very busy with support to the community and to the province.

On 27 May, we provided Safety and First Aid to the EPIC EAST GATE 10, 25 and 50km Trail races at the East Gate of Riding Mountain National Park. No injuries required our services.

On 28 May, we provided Safety and First Aid to the Brandon YMCA STRONG KIDS RUN.  YMCA did a great job and no injuries treated.

On 28 May we deployed three members north to CHEMAWAWIN Cree Nation (CCN) to assist the province in the search for a missing 17 year old.  The members returned on 29 May.

On 31 May we provided Safety and First Aid to the First Nations Graduation ceremonies at the Discovery center. Congratulations to BRSAR’s Krystal Kayne on graduating from Brandon University and receiving her Honour Sash.

On 31 May, we also deployed three members to CRANE RIVER to assist Manitoba Justice with an evidence search. All members returned safely

Thanks to all members who provided support to our activities this week


On Tuesday 24 May, BRSAR conducted Low Angle rescue training on HANBURY HILL. This allows our team to safely rescue casualties up or down steep slopes while maintaining the safety of all team members. Led by Bruce Bumstead, the team initially reviewed equipment, knots, rigging of ropes and procedures for the rescue. 

This culminated in the establishment of the rescue systems and the practice deployment down a slope to recover a casualty.

Thanks to all members who participated.

Congratulations Brian Fowell

Congratulations to team member Brian Fowell on his 200th donation to Canadian Blood Services.

On morning of 24 May 2023 Manitoba Office of Fire Commissioner / Chief K-9 Instructor Jay Palmer tested SAR Dog Luke and his handler/trainer Leon Flannigan for tracking and person searches.

Track was approximately 1.6 km long and aged 45 minutes. Track test was conducted at an industrial site / Brandon Airport. Industrial tracks are regarded as harder for dog to do than rural tracks.

Person Search took place in a heavy bush. Luke was required to locate a complete stranger and indicate person by barking. Luke worked bush well, did a good pattern. Located person and stayed with person barking for several minutes as required.

Obedience and obstacle testing was done on 17 May 2023. Luke did well in both.

As a result of testing SAR K-9 Luke was recertified as a Search & Rescue Dog by Search and Rescue Manitoba/Office of Fire Commissioner.

CALL NAME:    Luke                                                                                                              

REGISTERED NAME:   Malinger’s Luke                                                                                                    

TITLE:  Search and Rescue Dog-SARMAN-BRSARA                                                                       

DATE SAR CERTIFIED:  25 October 2018


OTHER TITLES:  CGN, CD, RN, RA, RM and TD                                                                                                                   

Manitobans Encouraged to Take Steps to be Prepared, Know Risks: Piwniuk

The Manitoba government is recognizing Emergency Preparedness Week from May 7 to 13 to educate Manitobans on steps to take to be prepared and protect their families, neighbours and communities in the event of an emergency, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk, minister responsible for emergency management, announced today.

“The theme of this year’s Emergency Preparedness Week of ‘Be Prepared. Know Your Risks’ encourages Manitobans to stay informed and collectively do what we can to lessen the impact of emergencies,” said Piwniuk. “The Manitoba government’s Emergency Management Organization leads the province every day towards its goal for a safe Manitoba that is resilient to all hazards, emergencies and disasters, and this week is a great opportunity to celebrate that work and focus on steps each of us can take to be prepared for an emergency.”

Emergency Preparedness Week is an event supported by Public Safety Canada, working closely with provincial and territorial emergency management organizations, Indigenous organizations, non-governmental and private sector organizations that support activities at the local level.

The awareness week encourages three simple steps to become better prepared to face a range of emergencies:

  • know the risks;
  • make a plan; and
  • build an emergency kit.

An emergency test message will also be issued during Emergency Preparedness Week on May 10 at 1:55 p.m. For more information on the test alert, visit www.alertready.ca.

To learn more about emergency preparedness in Manitoba, visit www.manitoba.ca/emo.

– 30 –

10th Anniversary for BRSARA   

10th Anniversary for BRSARA      

In December of 2022, Brandon Regional Search and Rescue Association celebrated its 10th Anniversary. It was a sentimental and lively event where we reminisced about the history and the exceedingly good, hard work that has been done to create such a wonderful team.

Over the years, members have come and gone, and each one is remembered for their part in the experiences and skills shared with the rest of the group. Congratulations to the current members of our team who received Exemplary Service Awards for the volunteer hours they have committed to training and service, so others may live.

For 10 years of Service, demonstrating their dedication to this association, we congratulate:

Back Row:  Dave Parker, Rebecca Stewart, Robin Ponto

Front Row:  Leon Flannigan, Wendy Flannigan, Brian Fowler

For 10 years of Service, demonstrating their dedication to this association, we congratulate:

Back Row:  Rachel Burnett, Brian Wiltshire

Front Row:  Tammy Ramsey, Paulette Fowler, Matthew Grey

Missing from the photo, but also receiving the award:  Bruce Bumstead, Scott Lancaster