DM Dispatch, Canadian Red Cross — November 2017

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Image Source: Canadian Red Cross. DM DISPATCH: Manitoba’s Disaster Management Newsletter. Vol. 4, Issue 4, November 2017, page 3.

Image Credit: Canadian Red Cross

Hug a Tree and Survive

Virden Empire-Advance — July 14, 2017

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Source:  Williams, Carrie. “Hug a tree and survive.” Virden Empire-Advance, 14 July 2017. Accessed online:

Image Credit: Carrie Williams, Virden Empire-Advance

Westman Journal — May 3, 2016

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Source:  Stewart, Lanny. “Brandon Regional Search and Rescue: coming together with the same goal in mind.” Westman Journal, 3 May 2016. Accessed online:

Image Credit: Westman Journal


Trained presenters offer educational programming through AdventureSmart, which includes programs such as “Hug a Tree and Survive” for Kindergarten through to Grade Four students, and “Survive Outside” for older children and adults. Look for the AdventureSmart trailer at our next event for more information!

Map and Compass

A crucial skill for navigating as a ground search and rescue volunteer.

Rope Rescue

Training events include training to work as a team. In this image, search and rescue volunteers practice using rope rescue techniques.