EPIC East Gate Trail Run

Saturday, May 26 was a beautiful day for a 50 or 25 K run starting at the historic East Gate entrance to Riding Mountain National Park. BRSARA volunteers were ready to help at several First Aid Stations along the course trail. We would like to thank the organizers for inviting us to provide First Aid response at this exciting event! Information on this event and future adventure races can be found at: Race RMNP.




K-9 Presentations

Did you know that BRSARA is available for K-9 Presentations? In this group photo, you can see Kime lapping up the spotlight with a group of Girl Guide Trex. Presentations include information on dog tracking, article searches, finding lost persons, obedience, obstacles, and time well spent getting to know Kime in person.

If you are interested in booking Kime for a presentation, contact us!

Oxbow 50K – First Aid

BRSARA was on site for the Oxbow 50K trail ultra to provide first aid services, Saturday, May 5, 2018 at Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

Winter Survival Training Excercise

March 3, 2018 proved to be a mild-weather winter survival scenario, and the BRSARA team made the most out this skills-building event.

winter survival 7

In the photograph above, Peter and Neil are instructing the group on different types of shelters that can be built using items from their 24-hour pack and natural resources in the area. Coverage of this training event was also captured by Brandon Sun reporter, Michael Lee.

Brandon Sun – March 5, 2018

Read the full article online.

Source:  Lee, Michael. “Winter survival exercise a valuable experience.” Brandon Sun, 5 March 2018. Accessed online: https://www.brandonsun.com/local/winter-survival-exercise-a-valuable-experience-475790413.html.


DM Dispatch, Canadian Red Cross — November 2017

PDF:  dm dispatch red cross newsletter

Image Source: Canadian Red Cross. DM DISPATCH: Manitoba’s Disaster Management Newsletter. Vol. 4, Issue 4, November 2017, page 3.

Image Credit: Canadian Red Cross

Hug a Tree and Survive

Virden Empire-Advance — July 14, 2017

Read the full article online.

Source:  Williams, Carrie. “Hug a tree and survive.” Virden Empire-Advance, 14 July 2017. Accessed online: http://www.empireadvance.ca/news/local-news/hug-a-tree-and-survive-1.21143371.

Image Credit: Carrie Williams, Virden Empire-Advance