Our Team is a Family

Over the years with Brandon Regional Search and Rescue I have learned new skills and confidence in using them. I have learned to be accountable for myself, so I may serve, so others may live. Some of you may expect these qualities in a qualified search and rescue team. What you may not expect is that Brandon Regional Search and Rescue is more than a group of qualified GSAR volunteers, we are also a team. And by team, we do not simply show up to do our part, working well and playing well together. We are a family.

BRSARA represents a level of integrity that inspires within the group, a spirit of generosity and security between its members.  This reflects back into our community, if we treat ourselves and our own families with this attitude of respect and compassion then it is certainly an attitude the community will receive in full.

Sophie’s Benefit Social, held on October 17, 2019. From Left to Right: BRSARA Executive Wendy Flannigan and Brian Fowler, BRSARA Member Bruce Bumstead.


Part of being in this family is supporting every individual in the challenges they experience in their personal lives. Every person on this team works hard to volunteer, but they still work and have other interests and commitments that help them gain strength within themselves, as well as give back to our team, and the community.

Recently, one of our team members has experienced a health situation in his family. Those of our team who were able to, supported this individual and his family by raising funds and participating in the Terry Fox Run, and assisting in and pulling together resources to create a successful Benefit Social. A dedicated executive responded immediately and made sure this member had everything he needed.

Sophie’s Benefit Social held on October 17th, 2019. BRSARA Members with Crocus High School Rugby Team.

Thank you to the Brandon Regional Search and Rescue Executive for all of your hard work and unconditional support for your team members; and to all the members of this team who have worked hard to support our team.

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